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January 10 -15, 2022
Noon - 1 PM PST

Here’s what you’re going to discover when you register now:

  • Key to Success - VISION -  You'll get crystal clear your personal vision and how to articulate it so that you become a customer and rep magnet. #yesplease!
  • ​The Secret Formula for Your Daily Plan -  We'll share what you need to focus on (and what should you ignore) to get the best results possible in your business.the daily tasks that you can complete in an hour a day (if you want) that we guarantee will 10x your volume and grow your team.
  • ​FASTEST Way to Build Attract, Build Rapport and SELL - FACT: You will run out of warm market leads and referrals. What if we told you that there is a FAST way that attracts, build rapport, and sells for you 24/7? This is the SECRET SAUCE to attracting cold prospects to your business. #umheckyes!
  • Build Rapport, Trust, and Relationships Quickly -  We'll share exact words to say when prospecting AND following up with prospects where you never feel sales-y or stressed. We'll also share a "follow-up script" that inspires people to get started with you (or at least contact you to discuss).
  • ​Your Winning Strategy - "A failure to plan is a plan to fail." Whether Winston Churchill or Benjamin Franklin said it first, it's true. 2022 isn't going to just miraculously put dolla bills into your bank... ya gotta make a plan and we'll get that done and dusted! 
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